As a Camp Counsellor, you will likely have two main responsibilities at camp: as a Cabin or General Counsellor and as an assistant, instructor or leader in a specific activity. The activities and sports which ACAWE participants are hired to teach at camps vary greatly. Applicants who have good personal experience, relevant qualifications or experience teaching in any of the following activities, stand a good chance of placement for the summer.

Camp Counselors must be:

  • Sufficiently proficient in the English language to supervise and interact with American youth;
  • A foreign post-secondary student, youth worker, teacher or individual with specialized skills; and
  • At least 18-years-old.


Financial value: Participants receive pay and benefits commensurate with those offered to their American counterparts at the camps.

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Camp Counselors will occasionally have to:

  • Perform non-counseling duties as part of camp life, but not serve as “staff.”
  • For example, they cannot serve as administrator personnel, cooks or menial laborers such as dishwashers or janitors.