Joyst Terms and Conditions 

  • Be currently enrolled at an accredited university/college as a full time student and have completed at least one (1) semester of academic study.
  • Be 18 years and over.  *Ages vary and may be subject to sponsor’s requirements
  • Never been convicted of a crime or fraudulent activity either in your home country or abroad
  • Have a valid passport with at least 6 months before expiration
  • Be in good health and do not have any medical or psychological conditions that will prevent me from participating on the programme or performing my duties.




As a participant on the JOYST programme, one should agree to:

  • Complete all the paperwork and visa requirements to secure eligibility on the Summer Work & Travel Programme within the requisite time.
  • Applicants who complete the first step in the application process are given job offer on a first come first served basis.  If you fail to select a job offer because you are waiting on a better one, others who have not been placed will be given priority over you and you would have to wait until they are placed before any other job is offered to you.
  • Adhere to all rules and regulations as outlined by the US Department of State, US Sponsor and JOYST Youth Exchange Ltd relating to the Summer Work and Travel programme.
  • Abide by all the terms and conditions of employment as set by your employer and sponsor as agreed upon prior to entering the USA.
  • Abide by the terms and conditions of JOYST Youth Exchange International Ltd.
  • Attend all required orientation/job fair as requested prior to departure as per Department of State
  • Avoid any behaviour which may reflect negatively upon our Agency, Sponsor and Jamaica.
  • Submit all required travel information as requested by the DS sponsor.
  • Inform Sponsor of any changes to housing address and job changes immediately.  Failure to do so can  jeopardize your programme.
  • Communication to any 3rd party in regards to applicant information will not be accommodated unless expressed formally in writing by the applicant.
  • Disrespectful behaviour towards any member of staff  by any students or relatives of the applicant will result in cancellation of programme by JOYST Youth Exchange International Ltd.  (Cancellation policy will apply).
  • Not to contact with the sponsor prior to arrival for any financial assistance or update programme status. This will result in programme termination by JOYST Youth Exchange International Ltd.  (Cancellation policy will apply).



 Applicants should understand that participation in the J1 SWT Programme includes significant financial obligations, including but not limited to charges such as:  non refundable administrative costs, Sponsors’ Programme Fees, Job Fair, Placement fee, Visa Application Fees, SEVIS Fees and Airfare.  Transportation to your employer upon arrival, Housing expenses (rent, housing deposit, utilities) and any other personal expense incurred. Also fees are subject to changes without prior notice.



  • Pay all programme fees prior to Departure to the USA.
  • Pay all other associated fees related to the programme before departure such as Job Fair, visa, airfare etc.
  • Submit all relevant documents required with payment vouchers by due date.
  • Arrive in the USA with no less than US $800.00 available in cash, traveler’s cheque, debit and or credit cards to support self upon arrival until first pay cheque is received.
  • Adhere to all rules and regulations governing the program.
  • Relatives or friends are not to contact the sponsor to request update on DS forms or jobs.
  • Registration and other miscellaneous (ad hoc) charges are non-refundable and non – transferable.



Participants are required to make their travel arrangements and submit information to their respective sponsor.  JOYST Youth Exchange can make your travel arrangements at one of our selected Travel Agents at no additional cost to you.

The participants agree to purchase a round trip ticket and update their sponsors account at least 14 days prior to arrival.


  • Provide orientation, consultations and briefing to participant prior and during the programme via suitable channels.
  • Provide accurate and timely information and updates to all registered participant via suitable channels.
  • Communicate any changes of the programme that may affect the participant within a reasonable time
  • If a participant cancels from the programme, refunds will be done within 10 working days of cancellation received in office in writing by February 28th.
  • Respond to queries, concerns within 48 hours.  Response time may be longer during peak periods.
  • Issue DS forms once shipped for participants to secure embassy dates.  This will be done once participant is placed and they have paid all their fees.
  • Make  visa and travel arrangements (optional)


  1. Cancellation/Refund Policy (Local Agent & Sponsors)
  • Cancellation once application is submitted will receive a refund less administrative fee of US350.00.
  • Cancellation by participant must be done in writing by February 28th to be valid.  This is non-negotiable.
  • Cancellation by sponsor – will be granted refunded based on amount returned by sponsor of the current programme year.  Sponsor’s charge a separate fee if you withdraw from the programme.  This amount varies  from sponsor.
  • Once DS is printed; there will be no refund of programme fee.
  • The administrative cost, sponsors application and SEVIS fees are non-refundable.


Visa Denial

  • If an applicant is denied the visa, US450 will be deducted from programme fee paid.  Refunds will be granted at the end of the season (end September) and when it is returned by sponsor.
  • If an applicant fails to report visa denials and does not submit the DS2019 form within 24 hours of denial, no refund will be issued by sponsor.
  • The agent/staff/representatives of JOYST Youth Exchange do not and cannot accept any responsibility or liability for payment of any refunds whatsoever.